About Us

ICM Services is a sole trader business owned and operated by Raelene Herbert. It aims to provide quality, professional and genuinely client-centred services to the disability sector.



ICM Services resulted from a desire to follow my passion.

In 2000, for the first time in my diverse career, I found myself working in an industry I was passionate about; one I wanted to do, where I felt I was making a real difference, and not just collecting a pay packet.

When the NDIS started to roll out, my then employer decided not to participate, and in early 2017 I found my services were no longer required. Facing an inevitable change, I took the time to think about what to do next. I knew I really wanted to keep doing the same sort of work but there were few opportunities to secure ongoing employment. I also did not like how the market driven approach to aged care reforms has seen cost cutting and marketing prioritised over client service and person-centred practice.

In the end, I felt there was only one option if I wanted to stay in the field and preserve both my principles and sanity: do it myself. Independent Case Management Services was born, later shortened to ICM Services: a sole practitioner case management and support coordination business where principles and quality service delivery are the primary focus.



  • Honesty, integrity and personal service
  • Co-operation and collaboration
  • Choice and control


Raelene Herbert

Raelene has more than 17 years experience in disability and aged care services, working as a support worker, service coordinator, trainer, and case manager. She has qualifications in case management and training and lived experience as a carer in the psychosocial area. She also has a lifelong passion for social justice. Raelene offers a very personal and personalized service.